Billing Tip: WorksafeBC Fee Code Changes for Forms 8 and 11

We have updated the Worksafe page of the SGP website to reflect the following changes:

Effective January 26, 2014: fee codes for submitting Form 8 and 11 have been simplified. Merely select the fee code matching which report form you are submitting (Form 8 or Form 11), and the method of your submission (electronic via Teleplan or non-electronic via fax or mail). It is no longer necessary to select a fee code that matches the timeliness of your submission. The timeline is determined automatically by WorkSafeBC.

Effective March 12, 2015: fee codes 19938, 19901, 19941, and 19903 will be obsolete. If the physician is invoicing electronically through Teleplan, the fee codes will not be an option in their invoicing software; they will have disappeared following update from MSP. If the physician is invoicing by fax or mail, the item will be rejected and the physician must resubmit the invoice using the correct fee code.

See WCB’s summary:  New WorksafeBC Fee code changes

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