Summer SGP Newsletter

R2s—get ready for summer (and life in the real-world!) by joining the SGP today!
  • Get access to our online billing tool to ensure you are paid appropriately for the services you provide and that you bill “by the rules.”
  • Get tips for transitioning into practice.
  • Get guidelines for what to charge for uninsured services.
  • Find locum jobs.

What is the SGP? Why should I care?

The Society of General Practitioners of BC represents the economic and political voice of family doctors within Doctors of BC.

  • oversees the GP fee schedule and creates incentives (e.g. for complex care, conferencing and fees for telephone calls)
  • represents GPs within Doctors of BC, in negotiations and at the GPSC (If you haven’t heard of the GPSC see our list of GP organizations)
  • ensures the GP perspective is heard and promotes Family Medicine to students and the general public

The SGP Board is made up of 34 GPs from across BC. We are the Section of Family Practice within Doctors of BC. For New-to-Practice GPs joining SGP is a chance to get involved in health advocacy at a provincial level.

The SGP has tools all doctors will use, such as our Simplified Fee Guide—easy to use, it gives helpful tips about billing codes at the click of a mouse.

Family Docs Rock is a new brand, developed by the Alberta College of Family Physicians and used jointly by SGP and BCCFP, to promote Family Medicine in BC.

  • Watch for it in future advocacy work.
  • Use the hashtag #familydocsrock to promote your work in family practice.

Where does SGP fit amidst all the other groups?

There are so many physician groups out there that it’s hard keeping it all straight. Here’s a quick guide to the big ones:

  • Doctors of BC represents all physicians in the province when negotiating with government.
  • CPSBC the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC acts to license and regulate the activities of all BC doctors.
  • BCCFP the BC College of Family Physicians is the provincial chapter of the College of Family Physicians of Canada, which sets the standards for the training, certification and continuing education of family physicians.
  • GPSC the General Practice Services Committee is a collaborative partnership between the Ministry of Health, the Doctors of BC and SGP to promote family medicine in BC. It supports full service family medicine through incentives, practice support and Divisions of Family Practice. SGP’s advocacy led to the creation of GPSC.
  • Divisions bring Family Physicians together to support each other and work collaboratively with their Health Authority to improve patient care. Funding for Divisions comes from the GPSC.

Simplified Guide to Fees
An online reference to help make your billing easy, ensure you capture as much value as possible, and reduce guideline violations.

Practice Tips and Tools
Looking for guidelines on what to charge for uninsured services? Transitioning into or out of practice?

Discover the new brand for Family Medicine in BC and how it’s being used to highlight the excellent work of Family Physicians across the province.