Start End times now required when submitting 0120

As of Nov. 1, 2015  you are required to record the start and end time for a prolonged counseling visit (0120 series)  in the patient’s medical record, and to submit those times with your billing claim to MSP.  This change was made in order to protect GPs in the case of audit.

We know that many of you feel swamped by paperwork, including documentation requirements for fees. However, the change is considered necessary in order to protect GPs in the case of audit.  Medical inspectors look for documentation to support the billing criteria for any fee, and in the case of the 0120, there is a requirement for a minimum of 20 minutes.  Requiring start/end times to be submitted and recorded for the 0120 series brings the fees into line with the GPSC Mental Health Management fees (14044-14048) which have the same requirements.