Provincial Privileging Project

In 2011, the Minister of Health released the final report into a review of the quality of medical scans in BC. Dr. Doug Cochrane, chair of the BC Patient Safety and Quality Council, conducted the review and found radiologists practising in BC were appropriately qualified, though similar events could occur in the future unless steps were taken to close gaps in existing safeguards around physician practice. In response, the Ministry developed a provincial Action Plan to: implement a timely peer review system for diagnostic imaging; establish a common electronic registry to track current information about physician licensing, credentials and privileges; create consistent rules around communication and patient notification when adverse events occur.

To implement the plan, the Physician Quality Assurance Steering Committee (PQASC) was established with representatives from key stakeholder groups – College of Physician and Surgeons of BC, BC Patient Safety & Quality Council, BC Medical Association, Chief Financial Officers Council, Vice Presidents of Medicine from health authorities, and Ministry of Health.  The PQASC is working a number of key projects to ensure the health system has competent physicians, who can in turn provide safe, quality and effective care to BC patients.

One of the projects in the physician quality assurance portfolio is the Provincial Privileging Project.  The goal is to create privileging dictionaries for each medical discipline, with the result that credentialing could be standardized across all Health Authorities.

A privileging dictionary includes:

  1. A description of the discipline
  2. Criteria for initial privileges including current experience
  3. Criteria for renewal of privileges
  4. Core privileges
  5. Core privilege list
  6. Non-core privileges
  7. Context specific privileges
  8. Criteria for returning to currency


An expert panel of physicians works together to develop the dictionary for their particular discipline. For General Practice, there will be dictionaries for GP Anaesthesia ; GP Surgery; and General Practice  (including obstetrics, community ER and residential care.)

The results of this  work will have significant and lasting implications for all family physicians. SGP  is working with the BCCFP, the Rural Issues Committee,  and the Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues to ensure the expert panel members represent the broad geographic and scope of practice diversity  of BC.  We will keep you updated with news on our website, and welcome your input.

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