02 Feb

Provincial Privileging Dictionary

The FP/GP privileging dictionary work is ready for final feedback.  Read it @ family-medicine-privileges-  SGP is interested to hear feedback at    Colleagues representing the broad spectrum of family medicine work- urban, suburban and rural- have worked collaboratively to write the dictionary which will be implemented province wide for hospital privileging in Family Medicine.  Organizations involved in the process included   BCCFP; CFPC;  Health Authorities;  SGP;  Doctors of BC; and Rural Issues Committee.  Read more information on the Provincial Privileging Project @

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18 Jan

Billing Tip: NEW GP-Nurse Practitioner Advice Fee Code

G14019 NEW – GP-Nurse Practitioner Advice Fee Code     $40.00

Billable by a family physician for providing advice to a nurse practitioner (NP), in cases where the NP requesting advice is the Most Responsible Provider for a patient’s care in the community.

If providing advice to an NP about a patient for whom you are the MRP (Most Responsible provider), see fee code: G14077.

Read more about 14019 NEW – GP-Nurse Practitioner Advice Fee Code.

Read more about All Case Conferencing Fee Codes,

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01 Jan

Billing Tip: Time to re-submit 14070

To all of you who are participating in Attachment, it’s time to resubmit the 14070 Attachment Participation Code.  By submitting this code you are reaffirming that you provide full service family practice to your patients and will continue to do so for the duration of 2015; and that you confirm the doctor-patient relationship with existing patients through a standardized conversation or “compact.”   You do not need to re-notify your Division of Family Practice of your continued participation.  If you need a refresher on how to submit the 14070:

PHN#: 975 303 5697
Surname: Participation
First name: Attachment
DOB January 1, 2013

See Details in our easy to use simplified guide to fees

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01 Dec

Disability Tax Credit

Many of you may have had patients asking you to sign the Disability Tax Credit form after being  told by a private company that they qualify.  These companies charge a significant commission to the patient for assisting them through the process,  and after a number of complaints, CRA has proposed the Disability Tax Credit Promoter’s Restriction Act. 

This will affect physicians, and the CMA has prepared a Disability Tax Credit briefing note and is asking for comment.  SGP will forward any feedback we receive to the CMA.

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01 Dec

Proposed CRA Changes to GST/HST may affect you

In the 2013 federal budget,  amendments to  the Excise Tax Act were made that  affect GST/HST.  After considerable delay, Canada Revenue Agency has issued a GST_HST_DraftPolicy outlining how CRA plans to apply GST/HST to uninsured physician services. The Canadian Medical Association briefing note Changes to GST-HST Application summarises this well.  You may want to review with your accountant how these changes affect you.

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09 Oct

Rx Renewals in LTC

Beginning Oct 1, 2014 pharmacists will be following a new protocol when sending you prescription renewals for patients in LTC.   You can read about it here.   

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06 Oct

Update: Provincial Privileging Project

The GP Expert Panel has been meeting to work on the Provincial Privileging Dictionary which will outline the  credentials required  to be granted privileges in hospital and residential care facilities in BC.  Members  were chosen to ensure representation of the diversity of care provided in facilities by GPs as well as to reflect the differing needs of rural, suburban and urban practitioners.  Stay up to date and offer your comments on the work so far by following the Provincial Privileging Blog.

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