MAiD fee changes

Effective May 1 changes have been made to MAiD Fees 13501, 13502 and 13503 to better support the time required for these assessments.  The maximum number of units payable for each assessment has been increased and independent consideration will be given for circumstances requiring more time.

Also, effective retroactive to June 1, 2017, the  13504 MAiD Event Preparation and Procedure is amended and a new fee 13505 Medication Pick-up and Return is introduced.  You will receive an automatic retroactive payment for any 13504 billed since June 1, 2017.   You may also retroactively submit the new 13505 using Submission code A, associated with any 13504 MAiD procedures provided since June 1, 2017, that required pick up and return of medications from an off site pharmacy.  You must submit these retroactive claims before July 4, 2018.