MAiD data collection update

MAiD providers have expressed concern about the time limits applied to the new MAiD assessment fees, as well as the value of the MAiD Preparation and Procedure fee.  As of August 1st,  MSP will be collecting data to inform a review of these fees to take place in 3 to 6 months.  When billing a MAiD assessment 13501,  13502 or 13503,   if you  exceed the maximum payable time  please enter the total assessment time in the note comment field of your claim.  When billing a MAiD Preparation and Procedure 13504 you must complete and fax this form to MSP at the time of submitting the fee by Teleplan.  SGP acknowledges the added paperwork  burden, however this data collection is necessary to allow MSP and the Tariff Committee to do an informed evaluation of the time required for these new medical services.

Read the MSP Broadcast Message here.