GPSC Visioning, Patient Medical Homes and the MOH Primary Care Homes

GPSC has released its final  Visioning Engagement Report, outlining what it heard from the thousands of GPs who participated in the visioning process last year.  GPSC has agreed to work towards incenting and supporting family doctors to transition to a BC version of the CFPC Patient Medical Home  model.  This will be the focus of its work for the upcoming year.

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, the Ministry of Health has directed Health Authorities to work with local Divisions of Family Practice to deliver plans by June 1 on how to implement  Primary Care Homes across BC in the next 3 years.  SGP believes that Patient Medical Homes live within Primary Care Home neighbourhoods and wants everyone to get outside their four walls and work together to realise the vision together:  family docs; GPSC; Health Authorities; MOH.

How can we create a Patient Centred   healthcare system if we don’t travel together down the same road?