GPSC Fee Changes Oct 1 – Read Details

In response to physician feedback collected during the visioning consultations, the General Practitioner Services Committee (GPSC) has made changes to its incentives to support the strategic objectives of the patient medical home model.

The changes will be in effect as of October 1, 2017.

A few of the key changes include:

  • Fee code 14076 increases from $15 to $20 per telephone call. The fee details remain unchanged.
  • Fee code 14074 has been discontinued.
  • There is a new fee code: GP-patient/text/telephone medical advice relay fee (14078).  This fee is $7. (Approximate value of the INR fee). This new fee  is  delegable to allied health providers and MOAs.

There are many other changes as well. You can click to see all the GPSC changes highlighted as CHANGE ALERTS on our GPSC fees page

We also encourage you to look at the *Change Alerts we have highlighted in our  Simplified Guide to Fees.