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21 Feb

SGP Board Elections 2018-19

Nominations are now open for delegate, vice delegate and officer positions for the 2018-19 SGP Board which will be constituted after the June AGM.  You can read the Election Notice here and download Nomination papers.  The election Schedule outlines the important dates you need to know.  Remember that nominators and seconders for district delegate and vice delegate positions  must have their registered address in the same district as the nominee.

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23 Jun

Should Pharmacists have the right to Prescribe?

SGP has learned that the BC College of Pharmacists has created a draft Certified Pharmacist Prescriber proposal. An on-line engagement by the College of Pharmacists is underway to seek feedback. This proposal signals a significant change in the primary care landscape. Read the proposal and have your say by answering their survey before June 30.

Let us know what you think by emailing

Let Doctors of BC know your thoughts here


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21 Jun

R2 Top 5 Billing Tips 2015

Here are the top 5 billing tips voted by participants in SGP’s 2015 billing webinar for residents:

  1. On your first day of work, submit 14070, (or 14071 if locuming) to be able to bill 14076 phone calls, and 14077 case conferences when working in attachment practices.
  2. Locums have their own 100 prevention fees (14066) to bill per year when covering for an MRP physician
  3. A housecall done any day of the week between 0800- 2300 is billed as 00103 ($110.26)
  4. Locums have their own 1500 phone calls to patients (14076) to bill per year when working in “attachment” practice
  5. Set aside some time in your schedule for booked telephone calls


Note: Fee codes are all red active links in the SGP fee guide. Hover over the number to see what the fee is.


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06 Nov

Tentative New PMA

Read the  Highlight Sheet  of the tentative new Physician Master Agreement and be sure to vote.

The message below was sent to SGP members:

The SGP Board has now had the opportunity to review the tentative new Physician Master Agreement and  voted unanimously to endorse it.

We  thank the members of the Statutory Negotiations Committee and the Doctors of BC Negotiations Department for all the work they did to reach this  agreement, which we feel is a good one.  This is especially true  in light of  the government’s strict fiscal restraint on public sector wage increases.

The 5 year deal addresses all the key issues identified by doctors:

  • funding to cover the rising cost of doing business
  • funding targeted fairly to physician expressed priorities
  • funding and support to enhance physician influence in facilities.

Benefits will be maintained, and CMPA reimbursement will be funded at 70% despite a doubling of CMPA dues.

Highlights of the new agreement can be found in the SGP website news

You will also receive a comprehensive outline of the whole agreement as part of the ratification package from Doctors of BC and voting will take place Nov. 12- Dec. 4.

We will be voting in support.

Lawrence Welsh, SGP President and your SGP Board delegates

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