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24 Sep

GPSC Fee Changes Oct 1 – Read Details

In response to physician feedback collected during the visioning consultations, the General Practitioner Services Committee (GPSC) has made changes to its incentives to support the strategic objectives of the patient medical home model.

The changes will be in effect as of October 1, 2017.

A few of the key changes include:

  • Fee code 14076 increases from $15 to $20 per telephone call. The fee details remain unchanged.
  • Fee code 14074 has been discontinued.
  • There is a new fee code: GP-patient/text/telephone medical advice relay fee (14078).  This fee is $7. (Approximate value of the INR fee). This new fee  is  delegable to allied health providers and MOAs.

There are many other changes as well. You can click to see all the GPSC changes highlighted as CHANGE ALERTS on our GPSC fees page

We also encourage you to look at the *Change Alerts we have highlighted in our  Simplified Guide to Fees.

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26 Jul

MAiD data collection update

MAiD providers have expressed concern about the time limits applied to the new MAiD assessment fees, as well as the value of the MAiD Preparation and Procedure fee.  As of August 1st,  MSP will be collecting data to inform a review of these fees to take place in 3 to 6 months.  When billing a MAiD assessment 13501,  13502 or 13503,   if you  exceed the maximum payable time  please enter the total assessment time in the note comment field of your claim.  When billing a MAiD Preparation and Procedure 13504 you must complete and fax this form to MSP at the time of submitting the fee by Teleplan.  SGP acknowledges the added paperwork  burden, however this data collection is necessary to allow MSP and the Tariff Committee to do an informed evaluation of the time required for these new medical services.

Read the MSP Broadcast Message here.

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11 Jul

Changes are coming to some GPSC incentives Oct 1 2017

Many of you have heard that changes are coming to some GPSC incentives as of Oct 1, 2017.   Here is a table outlining those changes.  As well, GPSC is offering two webinars in July to go over the changes.

  • Webinar 1: Wednesday, July 12, 2017, 5:00-6:30pm
  • Webinar 2: Wednesday, July 26, 2017, 5:00-6:30pm
  • To register for either of these webinars, email and include “incentives webinar” in the email subject line and your full name and the webinar you wish to attend (i.e., webinar 1 or webinar 2) in the body of the email.
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06 Jul

SGP FP Residents’ Summer Newsletter

SGP welcomes all the new grads just starting their Family Medicine residency in BC.  Read our summer newsletter to learn more about SGP and why you should join.  (It’s free for Residents!)  For those of you who just finished Residency, remember your free membership continues til the end of Dec. 2017.  You’ll find the on-line Simplified Guide to Fees a great help as you start billing for your services.

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19 Apr

Family Docs Rock: new BCCFP Peer Nominated awards

Do you know a colleague who has contributed to the community through local innovation in practice or health care delivery?  A new to practice colleague who already stands out from the crowd? Two new FP recognition awards have been created by the BCCFP – the First Five Years of Practice and the Innovations in Primary Care awards.  Nominations are due Monday May 8 2017.  Get the details on the BCCFP website.

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10 Mar

Opioid Use Disorder – changes to fee 00039

To increase access for new patients seeking treatment for opioid use disorder, SGP worked with MSP to reduce the requirement for twice monthly visits by stable patients to monthly.  We also updated the language to reflect current medical practice.  The changes are effective Feb. 24, 2017.   Read the details.

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21 Feb

Registration Now Open for SGP’s April 29 Billing Education Workshop

SGP is pleased to present our popular Billing Education Workshop: The Dollars and Sense of Family Practice

Saturday April 29, 9-4 @ St Paul’s Hospital Conference Centre, Vancouver

For: Family Doctors, MOAs and  Residents

Registration is limited, so register early.

Cost: $225 for members, $450 for non-members, $75 for residents

Topics include:

  • GPSC Billing
  • Uninsured Billing – Valuing Your Services
  • Obstetrics Billing
  • Basic office billing for residents & new in practice
  • Residential Care Billing
  • GP Economics – the Dollars and Sense of Family Practice
  • Polypharmacy – a Rational Evidence-informed Approach with a Touch of Common Sense


  • What every physician should know about an MSC audit

For a detailed agenda and information on registration by fax or phone click here

For online registration click here.

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