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16 Feb

Join us for the SGP/BCCFP Spring Conference! 

Family Doctors:  Standing Up and Standing Out

We are happy to be co-hosting a family medicine conference in Victoria with the BC College of Family Physicians (BCCFP) on April 5 and 6, 2019.

Ordinary family doctors are extraordinary.  We provide excellent clinical care and advocate for our patients in a fragmented health system. We walk beside our patients through their medical and personal struggles.  The mantle of responsibility weighs heavy on our shoulders.

On April 5 and 6, we invite you to join your colleagues in a celebration of the many roles of today’s family doctors.  This two-day conference has a unique program of plenary and breakout sessions that will help you with your day-to-day working life.

  • Hear from other BC family doctors about how their advocacy has improved the system for patients and physicians
  • Speak with family practice leaders from SGP, BCCFP, GPSC, and Doctors of BC about how primary care in BC is changing and how you can influence that change
  • Improve your advocacy and professional skills, including social media use, working with your health authority, billing for uninsured services, and burnout prevention
  • Update your clinical knowledge on topics such as opioid deprescribing, insomnia management, hypertension targets, medical cannabis, and MAiD

Photo by Louis Smit on Unsplash

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02 Jan

Documentation for 0120 and the Mental Health management fees

A new fee note was added to the 0120 and the Mental Health management fees (14044/45/46/47/48) effective December 1, 2018:
Documentation of the effect(s) of the condition on the patient and what advice or service was provided is required.

This confirms the rules in the Preamble (C.10 Adequate Medical Records of a Benefit under MSP). SGP recommends that your clinical notes for any 0120 or MH management fee billing include the required documentation as of Dec 1, 2018.

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02 Jan

Changes to 14066

Effective January 1, 2019 the 14066 Personal Health Risk Assessment has been aligned with the Planning fees (complex care, mental health and palliative). This means that billing a same-day visit service is allowed, but is no longer required.

The new fee note reads:
Payable in addition to a visit fee (home or office) on the same day if medically required and does not take place concurrently with the face-to-face planning included under 14066.

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01 Jan

Reminder to Submit 14070/14071 for 2019

If you are a community Family Doctor doing full service family practice, don’t forget to re-submit GPSC Portal Code 14070 on January 1, 2019. This opens the door to GPSC fees 141075/14076/14077/14078/14029.

  • If you are resubmitting, simply search your patient database for the mock patient with the last name “Portal”, first name “GPSC” and submit 14070 with diagnostic code 780 on this mock patient.
  • If this is your first time submitting 14070, the details of how to create the mock patient and submit 14070 are described here in the details of 14070.

If you are a locum working in full service family practices, please ensure that GPSC Locum Portal Code 14071 is submitted on January 1, 2019 or prior to the start of your first locum of the year covering for a physician who submits 14070.

  • Once 14071 has been processed, locums are eligible to bill GPSC Portal fees for the remainder of the calendar year when they are covering for physicians participating in the GPSC Portal.
  • The details for submission and terms of use of 14071 are described here


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12 Dec

Billing Education Webinars for New-in-Practice Physicians

SGP has partnered with GPSC to host a three-part billing webinar series for new-to-practice Family Physicians about billing GPSC incentive fees. Led by physician educators, each 90-minute webinar will be cumulative and content-specific:

  • Introduction to MSP: Tuesday January 15, 2019 at 6pm
  • Basic GPSC Billing: Tuesday February 19, 2019 at 6pm
  • Advanced GPSC Billing: Tuesday March 12, 2019 at 6pm

Click here for details about new-to-practice eligibility, content for each webinar, and registration links.


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28 May

BC Govt. announces new funding for Family doctors and NPs

It started with an announcement of new funding for 200 Nurse Practitioners to work in team based primary care practices, followed the next day by the announcement of new funding for 200 Family Physicians to work in team based primary care practices under an alternate remuneration model.  The government also promised opportunities for every family medicine resident to work in a renewed primary care system that allows them to focus their time and energy on practising patient-centred medicine.  They even referred to the SGP Survey of Residents.  

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15 May

SGP Survey of Family Medicine Residents

Our proactive Resident Board delegates Dr Jaron Easterbrook and Dr Prasenjit Das surveyed the family medicine residents in BC.  They asked about their future practice plans and priorities.  You can read the results here.

The government even referred to it in their recent announcement of new funding for graduating family medicine residents to work in team-based practices, funded through alternate payment arrangements.

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07 May

MAiD fee changes

Effective May 1 changes have been made to MAiD Fees 13501, 13502 and 13503 to better support the time required for these assessments.  The maximum number of units payable for each assessment has been increased and independent consideration will be given for circumstances requiring more time.

Also, effective retroactive to June 1, 2017, the  13504 MAiD Event Preparation and Procedure is amended and a new fee 13505 Medication Pick-up and Return is introduced.  You will receive an automatic retroactive payment for any 13504 billed since June 1, 2017.   You may also retroactively submit the new 13505 using Submission code A, associated with any 13504 MAiD procedures provided since June 1, 2017, that required pick up and return of medications from an off site pharmacy.  You must submit these retroactive claims before July 4, 2018.

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21 Feb

SGP Board Elections 2018-19

Nominations are now open for delegate, vice delegate and officer positions for the 2018-19 SGP Board which will be constituted after the June AGM.  You can read the Election Notice here and download Nomination papers.  The election Schedule outlines the important dates you need to know.  Remember that nominators and seconders for district delegate and vice delegate positions  must have their registered address in the same district as the nominee.

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06 Feb

Alert for Telus EMR users

SGP has learned that users of Telus EMR software are being invited to accept integration of Patient Assistance Programs into their EMR. Brand-name drug companies have paid Telus to digitally insert vouchers so that prescriptions generated within the EMR will be filled with the brand-name product rather than generic versions. The invite looks like this  and you do have the option to decline!

Read more about it in this Toronto Sun article from last summer.

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01 Feb

PulsePoint App

Download posters for your office – the PulsePoint App alerts  CPR-trained bystanders to a cardiac emergency in their immediate vicinity.  You can also get cards promoting hands-only CPR by contacting the Heart and Stroke foundation.

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16 Dec

Alert re: Jan 1, 2018 change for submission of GPSC Portal Codes 14070 & 14071

Starting Jan 1, 2018,  The name of the “mock patient” for the submission of 14070 and 14071 will change. For details please see 14070 and 14071

If you are providing full-service family practice services to your patients, and will continue to do so for the duration of the calendar year,
and you wish to continue to bill the codes behind the GPSC portal: 14075, 14076, 14077, 14029 and 14078,
please make sure to:

  1. Change the first and last name of the “mock patient” in your clinic’s database as described here in the details of 14070
  2. Re-submit portal code 14070 on Jan 1, 2018, using the new first and last name for the mock patient. Submission of 14070 identifies you as a physician who provides ongoing longitudinal continuity of care to your patients.

If you are a locum providing coverage for GPSC Portal physicians who provide ongoing longitudinal continuity of care to their patients,
and you wish to bill the codes behind the GPSC  Portal: 14075, 14076, 14077, 14029 and 14078,
please ensure that 14071 is submitted at the beginning of the calendar year or prior to the start of your first locum of the year covering for a GPSC Portal physician. Once 14071 has been processed, locums are eligible to bill GPSC Portal fees when they are covering for GPSC Portal physicians for the remainder of the calendar year.

The details for submission and terms of use of 14071 are described here


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