SGP Advocacy led to the creation of the General Practitioner Services Committee (GPSC)

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The goal was to ensure targeted funding to address system issues specific to Family Practice and our patients. The GPSC was formed in 2002 and is a collaborative committee of Ministry of Health, Doctors of BC and SGP. Its key role is to “encourage and enhance” full-service family practice to benefit patients.

The GPSC now oversees $208 million of targeted funding for family practice incentives and programs

GPSC incentives  and programs include:

– Attachment
– Complex care and chronic care bonuses
– Fees for telephone calls, conferences  & consultation
– Divisions of Family Practice

The GPSC is made up of six representatives from the Ministry of Health and six representatives from Doctors of BC (including 3 SGP nominees.)

Turning the tide: Improving Job Satisfaction for family doctors

Bore Tide in Turnagain ArmThe creation of GPSC has turned the tide in job satisfaction for family doctors in BC .

Respect and recognition for the work of family doctors has increased.

Initiatives empowering frontline doctors to influence the direction of healthcare have blossomed.

The GPSC provides funding for fee incentives, the Practice Support Program, and Divisions of Family Practice.

The SGP has been representing you in the creation of these programs.

SGP's Mission

young make docWorking for fair remuneration and maximum professional satisfaction for family doctors in BC.

Advocating for family doctors’ central role in delivering quality patient-centered health care. 


Fair Remuneration  –    Professional Satisfaction    –   Quality Patient Care