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SGP: Your Section of Family Practice

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Every specialty in Doctors of BC  is represented by a section. SGP is  your Section of Family Practice.

We are the economic and political voice of family doctors within Doctors of BC.

Doctors of BC  dues fund 4.5% of SGP’s budget. The remaining 95.5% of our work on behalf of all family doctors is financed by SGP membership dues.

SGP represents family practice at

  • The Doctors of BC Representative Assembly
  • The General Practitioner Services Committee (GPSC)
  • Negotiations with government through Doctors of BC.
  • Many Doctors of BC and provincial committees

Scroll down this page to read more about our “3 roles” within the Doctors of BC mosaic.

SGP’s advocacy

helped to create GPSC programs including:

  • Complex care
  • Divisions of family practice
  • Attachment
  • Chronic care bonuses
  • Fees for telephone calls, conferences  & consultation

Read more about our advocacy work

Your SGP membership dues are your tax deductible contribution to ensuring a strong future for family practice.

Thank you for your support

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SGP in the mosaic of 34 Sections

mosaicDoctors of BC is a mosaic made up of  34 different specialty sections including the section of family practice.

Each section collects dues, which members pay in addition to basic Doctors of BC dues, to support their section’s work.

In addition to our role as the section,  SGP is also a registered Society in British Columbia.

SGP’s 3 Roles:

1) We are the Section of Family Practice with duties defined in the Doctors of BC constitution including:

  • Responsibility for setting the Section’s medical service fee schedule
  • Consider business and economic matters pertaining to the interests of the Section and make written recommendations thereon to the Board and to the Tariff Committee

2) We are one of 25 independent Societies constitutionally associated with Doctors of BC

  • Two thirds of all sections are also registered as independent Societies e.g.  the BC Orthopedic Association , the  BC Society of Rheumatologists  and the BC Pediatric Society

3) We are one of 2 distinct Societies  which serve a unique representative role within the structure of Doctors of BC:

  • Doctors of BC membership is roughly half specialists and half general practitioners.
  • The SGP – represents general practitioners at the Doctors of BC Representative Assembly and nominates representatives to  Negotiations and to the General Practitioner Services Committee (GPSC)
  • The SBC (Specialists of BC) – represents specialists at the Doctors of BC Representative Assembly  and nominates representatives to Negotiations and to the Specialist Services Committee (SSC)

SGP’s unique lens: Primary Care

camera lensThe SGP brings the unique lens of primary care and a community perspective to Doctors of BC.

An organizational structure which enshrines this perspective makes BC’s medical association different from medical associations in other provinces.

That difference,  is making a difference.

Over the past several years respect and acknowledgement for the work of family practice has grown.

We are here for the family doctors of BC. We are you.